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High Profit Investment

With Uneqa you can be sure to invest in a Forex Managed Account with high revenues.
This is because our traders have years of experience and have developed the right attitude in order to trade in the forex market with high success and great performances.

20 years of successful track records

All of our traders have a great experience in trading in the Forex market and have been working with success in the field for the past 20 years.
This means ease of mind for you, successful results for us.

Stability of results

Uneqa is a successful trading program with steady and consistent results over the years. We have always been reliable and our results show this.

Safe and Regulated

Your funds rest in highly reputable and secure counterparty banks and clearing houses.
Signing a managed account agreement gives you peace of mind that we can only trade on your account.

Check your account any moment

Check the actual performances of your Forex Managed Account any time and anywhere with your unique login and password.
In this way you will never lose track of your investment.

Total access to your money

With Uneqa you can easily access your money with great flexibility.
Because you need it or you just want to.
No question asked.

These are our Results

Start today to earn money with Uneqa. Choosing a Forex Managed Account allows you to have a profitable investment straight away. Instead of learning to trade Forex and navigate the uncertainty of the currency markets, you can choose to let an experience trader make the right decisions for you.
Uneqa are here for you. Our traders have developed great skills and abilities in many years of experience and are able to read the market with a safe and attentive approach.
Find what is the potential of a Forex Managed Account with Uneqa.

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