Why Choose a Forex Managed Account

Find Out If A Forex Managed Account Is Right For You

Is a Managed Account the Right Choice?


Why choose a Forex Managed Account?

Let’s start saying that the great majority of amateur traders doesn’t get consistent profits.

It might depend on many factors: lack of time, lack of knowledge, lack of experience or not having the right attitude and focus towards trading.

If you feel that this might be your case, or simply you don’t feel like learning to trade Forex is your cup of tea, it’s recommended that you get your funds managed by a Forex Investment Company like Uneqa.

But why choose a Forex Managed Account? Choosing a Forex Managed Account means your account will be operated by a professional group of traders with years of knowledge and experience. In return you will be charged a monthly fee calculated as a percentage of the investment (Asset Under Management).

Choosing Uneqa Forex Managed Account means to have safe and long term steady profitable performance over the months and over the years. All of this while you take care of the rest and enjoy life.

YES. If you are too busy to watch the market continuously

Many people simply don’t have the time, experience or disposition to trade in the forex market. Paying attention is a full-time commitment, but career or family obligations can distract and divert your attention. Why choose a Forex Managed Account? A Forex Managed Account gives you the freedom to pursue other activities that you otherwise might not be able to.

YES. If you want to find someone trustworthy to do the trading for you

The Forex Market is renowned for its notable volatility and its directional uncertainty. But it is often misleadingly indicated as an easy way of making money. Why choose a Forex Managed Account? If you have tried to trade and now you know the complications of the market and your personal limitations, you’d better opt to employ a trading professional.

YES. If you don’t have the psychological make-up of a trader

Trading Forex is hard. Anybody who has tried to trade in their life knows this. It takes a lot not only on the financial side but also on the psychological side. You need to have a specific personality for trading. For example, you need to admit when you’re wrong, and avoid holding onto a losing position that could wipe out your entire trading account. Or, you don’t need to have a predisposition to overtrading because you find trading exciting. Rather than risk trading yourself, you may want to find a good account manager.

Forex Market is the Best Market


Forex Market is a 24/5 open market

The Forex Market is a worldwide market, so trading is continuous as long as there is any open market in any world’s country.
The twenty-four hour market means that exchange rates and market conditions can change at any time in response to developments that can take place at any time. It also means that traders must be alert to the possibility that a sharp move in an exchange rate can occur during an off hour, elsewhere in the world. But most important, it means that there is a chance to earn money any moment of the day.

Forex Market is the most liquid market in the world

Currency spot trading is the most popular FX instrument around the world, comprising more than 1/3 of the total activity. It is estimated that spot FX trading generates about $1.5 trillion a day in volume, making it the largest most liquid market in the world.

In the Forex Market we can move large amounts of money into and out of foreign currency with a minimal price movement with very low Transaction Costs.

Leverage can be used in Forex Market

Leverage is the capability to trade more money on the market than what is in your account. Brokers in Forex allow traders to trade the market using different leverages.

For example, if you traded at 100:1 leverage, you could trade $100 on the market for every $1 that was in your account. It means that you could control a trade of $100,000 using only $1,000 of capital.

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