Transparency Of Results

Never Lose Track Of Your Money

Uneqa means Transparency of Results.


You will always have control of your portfolio’s performances.

You will be given a unique link and password to check your everyday daily performance in an online area with a secured account.

Because trust is the most important part of our job. Uneqa can exist only with the trust of their clients. This is what makes us going. This is what makes our company successful. Trust.

We know that our customers choose us because they know their money is in good hands.
It’s in our best interest to make you have a successful investment and to be sure that you are happy with your choices.
And in order to do this and build the client’s trust, you can have complete access to your portfolio’s performance.

Building trust is not a matter of convincing anybody. Building trust is a long process that needs to be earned with facts.
The clients need to see with their eyes what we can do. They need to make weighted decisions. They need to decide if Uneqa is the right type of investment for them, for their families, for their current financial situation.

Building trust means being accountable for what we offer and for what we do, and always be available to answer your questions, manage your doubts and solve your problems.

Uneqa Forex Managed Accounts are here for you. In full transparency.


We want to earn Your Trust


Full access to your performance

A simple login and you will be able to access the dashboard with the performance indicators of your investment.

You will always be in control.

Customer Care always here for you

Any doubt or questions or any info you are lacking are a click away from our customer care.

Contact is easy, via telephone, email or chat. You will receive a prompt response to your questions.

Total control of the money you have invested

We are sure that you will always be happy with the return on your investment. But if, for any reason, you will want or have the need to withdraw your capital, you will be able to do that at any moment. No questions asked.

Start to earn now

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