High Margin Investment

A Forex Managed Account Means Great Profits

Uneqa means Above Average Profit Margins.

Uneqa is not an average investment product, but it’s a Forex Managed Account with high profit margins and great performances.

Something that is very unique in the market. At Uneqa we have showed in the past – and continue to do so – that we are able to bring above the average results.
At Uneqa we have studied 20 years to develop great proprietary trading strategies.

Our models are based on a combination of technical indicators, fundamental analysis, and sound reasoning developed through intensive operations in, and study of, the movements of currencies.

But we don’t only believe in being a high profit investment. We believe in consistency, in discipline, in thorough technical analysis and in effective risk management.
This is what makes us unique.

This is our strategy: diversifying capital among multiple logic based strategies of low leverage trade models that use small amounts of capital per trade, incorporating stop losses for all open positions, constant evaluation of the currency market, strong discipline, and effective risk management lead to consistent and reliable profitable results while preserving capital.

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What is a Forex Managed Account


A Forex Managed Account is a high margin investment

A Forex Managed Account is becoming a more and more popular type of high margin investment. High net-worth individuals who want to make a passive income from their capital often choose a managed investment. This means that professional traders are able to trade with the client’s capital.
There are usually minimum requirements for a client to open a managed account. Uneqa require a minimum of 5,000$.
In exchange for providing a managed account service with a high success rate, Uneqa charge an annual management fee that ranges from 0,5% to 2%, depending on the size of the capital invested in the Forex Managed Account.

A Forex Managed Account is a safe investment

One of the benefits of a Forex Managed Account is that when a client makes a deposit, he makes it under his name, and nobody else can access his money.
First the client signs a Forex Account Management Agreement – LPOA Agreement (Limited Power of Attorney), then he can open a broker account and finally deposit his funds. The power of attorney gives the trader permission to start placing trades onto that account.
The broker then oversees the agreement, deducting the trader’s fees from source.
They can also assist in helping the client immediately terminate their managed account.

A Forex Managed Account is the right choice for you

Maybe you have tried to learn how to trade Forex, or maybe not. Maybe you have tried hard already and didn’t succeed, or maybe you don’t even what to start trying.
Choosing a Forex Managed Account means to delegate the risk of your investment to a professional trader, with over 20 years of experience, the right skills to trade in the most liquid market in the world and the right attitude to face a very stressful job.
Uneqa gives you the possibility to access the experience and the skills of their professional traders in order to gain the best possible profits from your capital.