We only charge Management Fees

One type of fee, all included

No Performance fees

With Uneqa you get a complete new approach to Forex Managed Accounts.
We just ask for management fees and we don’t charge for performance fees. All the profit is yours.

Silver Plan

2%/ yearFrom 5K $ to 100K $


  • Management fees charged in advance yearly
  • Login and Password to check daily performance
  • Investment Strategy: Swing

Platinum Plan

0.5%/ yearAbove 1 Mil $


  • Management fees charged in advance yearly
  • Login and Password to check daily performance
  • Investment Strategy: Swing

What is a management fee for a Forex Managed Account?

The management fee is the cost of having your assets professionally managed.
A  management fee is a periodic payment that is paid by the investor to the Forex Managed Account adviser for managing the investment.
The management fee is charged to compensate the traders for their time and expertise in managing the portfolio, that means choosing the correct timing, the portfolio e the most successful strategy.
The management fee covers not only investment advisory services, but also the administration costs of the Forex Managed Account.
An average Forex Managed Account charges both management fees and performance fees (a percentage on the profit), therefore reducing the amount of money that the clients can keep for themselves.

How are management fees calculated?

Fee structures are usually based on a percentage of assets under management (AUM).

Uneqa Forex Managed Accounts management fees can range from as low as 0.5% to a maximum of 2% of AUM. This difference is attributed to amount of money invested in the Forex Managed Account: the greater the account, the smaller the fee.

Us a general rule, the more actively managed an account is, the higher the management fees that are charged. Trading a Forex Managed Account, like in this case, means searching profit opportunities many times a day, and this means the trader is always focused and involved in making the best of the investment.
This usually leads to higher returns compared to a more passively managed fund, such as an index fund, that more or less sits on a basket of stocks without much trading.

At Uneqa we don’t charge performance fees

A performance fee is a payment made to an investment manager for generating positive returns. This is completely the opposite to a management fee, which is charged without regard to returns. The most common way of calculating a performance fee is a percentage of investment profits. All the Forex Managed Account ask for a performance fee and a management fee.

At Uneqa Forex Managed Accounts we have decided not to charge performance fees but only management fees, keeping the latest absolutely in line with the market. This means all the profit for the client, all the time.

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