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Your funds rest in highly reputable and secure counterparty banks and clearing houses.

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20 years of experience and above the average results


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Are you wondering which could be the right investment for you? Look no further. At Uneqa our experience traders are able to deliver results starting from capitals as little as 5,000$.

Above average profit margins with 20 years of experience. This is Uneqa.

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Maybe you have tried to learn how to trade Forex, or maybe not. Maybe you have tried hard already and didn’t succeed, or maybe you don’t even what to start trying.

Choosing a professional service like Uneqa Forex Managed Account can be the right choice for you for many reasons:

Choose a Forex Managed Account if you are too busy to watch the market continuously
Many people simply don’t have the time, experience or disposition to trade in the Forex market. Paying attention is a full-time commitment, but career or family obligations can distract and divert your attention. A Forex Managed Account gives you the freedom to pursue other activities that you otherwise might not be able to.

Choose a Forex Managed Account if you want to find someone trustworthy to do the trading for you
The Forex Market is renowned for its notable volatility and its directional uncertainty. But it is often misleadingly indicated as an easy way of making money. If you have tried to trade and now you know the complications of the market and your personal limitations, you’d better opt to employ a trading professional.

Choose a Forex Managed Account if you don’t have the psychological make-up of a trader
Trading Forex is hard. Anybody who has tried to trade in their life knows this. It takes a lot not only on the financial side but also on the psychological side. You need to have a specific personality for trading. For example, you need to admit when you’re wrong, and avoid holding onto a losing position that could wipe out your entire trading account. Or, you don’t need to have a predisposition to overtrading because you find trading exciting. Rather than risk trading yourself, you may want to find a good account manager.

Uneqa is a reliable investment, with a successful track record and great performances through the years.

Our traders, with 20 years of experience, work with a sophisticated and attentive approach and have what it takes to trade in the Forex market.
Our traders at Uneqa have developed great skills and are able to read the market with a safe and sophisticated approach. Choosing Uneqa Forex Managed Accounts gives you the possibility to take advantage of the expertise of an experienced Forex trader.

To find out all the advantages of choosing a Uneqa Forex Managed Account, learn more here

Being a Forex Managed Account, Uneqa cannot guarantee a minimum or a fixed earning on the investment.

Uneqa has developed great performances through the years, learn more here

Uneqa Forex Managed Accounts requires a minimum of 5,000$ in order to open an account. There is no maximum deposit.

Unfortunately there is no possibility to invest less than the required amount of 5,000$.

At Uneqa we have spent lot of time and put a lot of research in finding the right broker that can be a professional partner for our Forex Managed Account.

We are therefore working only with the partners we have carefully selected and unfortunately clients are not allowed to choose a different broker.

The broker will be chosen after signing the initial form, based on the client’s residency and the size of the investment.

Uneqa means your investment is safe and regulated, learn more here

The first step to open a Forex Managed Accoun with Uneqa is contacting us through our contact form.

You then will be emailed all the relevant documents that need to be filled in with your personal information.

We will take care of opening a brokerage account for you with our regulated broker.

After signing the LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney) you will be able to deposit your money and Uneqa will start trading.

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When it comes to fees, Uneqa has a different approach from  the other service providers.

Usually a Forex Managed Account charges a management fee (a percentage on capital invested) + a performance fee (a percentage on the profits). At Uneqa we have decided to only charge a management fee, and the client can keep all the profit.

Uneqa Management fees can range from as low as 0.5% to more than 2% of AUM. This difference is attributed to amount of money invested in the Managed Account: the greater the account, the smaller the fee. Learn more

Absolutely not. You are not required to have any knowledge of the Forex Market.

Forex Managed Accounts are the right choice for anybody who doesn’t want to learn Forex, is not interested or has already tried and has not succeeded.

All the traders working at Uneqa have developed great skills and abilities in many years of experience and are able to read the Forex Market with a safe and sophisticated approach. Learn more

Uneqa will intend to execute  Forex trades utilizing its proprietary trading models. These models are based on a combination of technical indicators, fundamental analysis, and sound reasoning developed through intensive operations in, and study of, the movements of currencies. These models were designed and developed to use low leverage trading strategies for trending markets. Based on the approach to trending markets, the trading models work well for currency fluctuation over a short term to medium term time horizons. This is usually in the 1-to-5-day range. Numerous charting tools are used to provide great support in precise determination of entering points, and facilitate interim profit taking levels. Undoubtedly, skill, deep constant study of equities swings, understanding of the market and strong discipline produce altogether all the preconditions for reliable and capital appreciable trading.

Although each trading model uses a logical approach to the markets, they employ vastly different strategies which work in conjunction. Diversification is achieved through low correlation between the individual trades. This diversification plays a major role in capital preservation and risk management. Capital is distributed among several different trading strategies, styles and methods with the goal of increasing the chances for continued growth and appreciation while reducing the risk of loss.
As an example, in portfolio allocation comprised of eight trading models three may be unprofitable at a particular moment while the other five can show profits that more than compensate for the losses incurred with by the three unprofitable models. The situation can reverse where the three losing trading models can turn into being profitable with the other five models entering unprofitable territory. The three profitable models alone can more than compensate for the other five model’s losses and still show a profit.

While most trading models are manually traded some are semi-automated with indicators and signals being generated by a system that is constantly monitored. These systems use a wide array of algorithms to identify price patterns offering a high probability of success. Certain algorithms find mini trend and directional movements which produce multiple signals while others generate signals for more medium term positional trades.

Consistent risk management and capital preservation represent a key element of Uneqa’s objective. Proper risk management is the means to successful trading followed by sound technical and fundamental analysis skills. Every trade takes into account risk to reward parameters and overall impact to yield.

Stop losses are mandatory for all trades. Stops are ordered to broker once the trade is opened, so trade is closed automatically if market goes against desired direction. A trade will only be made when we determine that the probability of gain outweighs the risk of loss. In addition, there is continuous screening of volatility, and adjustments to the client’s exposure are made accordingly.

Our trading models are not based on any set level of activity, and there will, therefore, be occasional periods when significantly less trading occurs. This will occur under certain market conditions in which there are no definitive indicators, signals, or advantageous trending patterns.

In summary, diversifying capital among multiple logic based strategies of low leverage trade models that use small amounts of capital per trade, incorporating stop losses for all open positions, constant evaluation of the currency market, strong discipline, and effective risk management lead to consistent and reliable profitable results while preserving capital.

Yes. You will be able to check the performance of your account every day logging with your personal credentials into a private area of the website.

Uneqa means transparency of results, learn more here

You will be able to deposit your money with a bank transfer directly to our broker. The money will be deposited on a brokerage account under your name and you will be the only one able to access it.

Uneqa will start trading on your account once the funds will be cleared on the broker’s account.

Before we start trading on your account you will be required to sign the Forex Account Management Agreement – LPOA Agreement (Limited Power of Attorney).

When you sign this 3-party form (broker, Forex investment company, you) you give us the permission to only trade your account. Trading is the only transaction we can carry on your name. Learn more here

Yes. Your investment is fully safe with Uneqa.

When you decide to open an account with us you will be required to sign the Forex Account Management Agreement – LPOA Agreement (Limited Power of Attorney).

The LPOA or Limited Power of Attorney is an authorization for a portfolio manager to carry out an investment strategy on behalf of a client. When you sign this 3-party form (broker, Forex investment company, you) you give us the permission to only trade your account. Trading is the only transaction we can carry on your name. We will not be able to perform any other arrangement like deposits, withdrawals, etc. Only you will be able do these kinds of transactions.

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Yes. If for any reason you should decide that you will not want to go further with Uneqa investment, you will be able to stop the trading at any moment and withdraw you money just after signing the revocation form.

Uneqa means having full control over your money and your invested capital. Learn more here